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Hello world!

Hi there my fellow paintballers of the web,

This is the first blog post of many from Delta Force Paintball so a big hello all of my fellow paintballing comrades.

There will be a number of different Delta Force employees writing articles for this blog. Each have different areas of expertise such as paintball marshals who will have first-hand experience with paintballing tactics, and our equipment department who have an in-depth knowledge regarding paintball guns and equipment.

The main purpose of this blog will be to publish short articles, ranging from the latest product reviews to the best strategies for winning paintball games. All the articles will be focused on providing visitors to our website with solid and helpful information.

We also want to encourage regular players to send us short articles that they feel other players will benefit from, giving you the chance to get your unique tips and recommendations read by potentially hundreds of thousands of paintball players.

We are going to be publishing new articles roughly once a week, but we have a Twitter account that is updated daily at
https://www.twitter.com/paintballing, so for more regular tips and paintball rhetoric, follow us on Twitter.

We look forward to getting to knowing you...Long live Mr Delta Force Blog.

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