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Have a laugh with Delta Force this Comic Relief

Stuck for something to do this Red Nose Day. How about a game of paintball at a Delta Force paintball Centre? Below are a few ideas to raise some money for Comic Relief and make your day that little bit funnier.

red nose day paintballing delta force comic relief paintball

Dress in a Tu Tu

Get sponsored to dress in a Tu Tu, Or any other item of fancy dress - maybe your favourite super hero? You could even dress as something connected with our movie quality game zones. For example: storm troopers in our Space Warz zone, zombies in the Zombie’s Crypt game zone or even a cowboy in the Gold Rush game zone.

Knock, knock and load

Why not tell a joke each time you try and take out an opponent? Q: what do you call a pharaoh with a gun? A: Shootankamun. We have had many professional comedians at our centres in the past, including Bill Bailey and the cast of peep show. Maybe they could tell a better joke!


Select a word such as bogies. Move around the paintball centre shouting it, then get people on the other team to try and shout it louder. You could make the word you shout more paintball related - like fire, or duck, or perhaps something really random like donut or bicycle.

Sponsored silence

This would be really hard. Try not to talk all day while paintballing. No shouting even when you get taken out. Not being able to give your team advice and also not being able to shout “in your face” when you win. Very hard indeed.

Who “Red” Nose

Hide a red nose in one of the game zone props. The winner is whoever finds it first. If you want to be part of the fun. Why not ask one of our friendly marshals to hide it for you before the game starts.

These are just a few ideas to explore for Comic Relief. The most important thing is to have a laugh and to do something funny for money this Red Nose Day.

Come on down to a Delta Force Paintball Centre this weekend and have a laugh. Book a game now on 0844 477 5115.

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