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'Like' Delta Force Paintball on Facebook and reap the benefits!

As many of you may already know, Delta Force has its own facebook page, facebook group, youtube channel and twitter page and regularly updates them to keep our customers in the know about all the latest Delta Force news, gossip, offers, pictures and videos. Thousands of Delta Force customers are already reaping the benefits of joining, liking, subscribing to and following our various social media tools and now you can to!

If you fancy showing off how well your team did or how your strategies won the game, our staff regularly take photos and videos of the game days and upload them to our facebook page for our customers to browse. Who knows, maybe they managed to capture your winning shot on video!

Facebook paintball

It’s always great getting a discount when you go shopping, whether it’s through a voucher, contest or if you know someone that works for the company. Delta Force customers who ‘Like’ Delta Force on facebook get exclusive access to discounts, offers and brand new competitions that we will be launching every week.

The Delta Force facebook page is also a great way to get specialist paintball tips and information. We regularly update our facebook page with inside information on game strategies to give you the edge over the opposing team. Also, if you have any paintball related questions then feel free to post them on the wall, our administrators will be happy to answer them.

There are all sorts of ways you can benefit from liking Delta Force Paintball on facebook so what’s to stop you? It’s just a click away!

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