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Adrenaline-fuelled action awaits you at Delta Force Paintball Kent!

Fast-paced paintball action in Kent

Looking for some intense paintballing in South London? Luckily, two of our 28 nationwide paintball centres can be found in Kent, including one right on the doorstep of London. The South East London paintball centre is located in Orpington, a town famous for its chickens, medieval architecture and being the birthplace of UK rapper Dizzee Rascal, and players will have to fix up and look sharp when they get involved in the five action-packed paintball game zones that are on offer here!

One zone at the Orpington paintball centre that stands out is the engrossing D-Day landing mission. Although no re-enactment will ever come close to the horror of real thing, our construction teams have done their utmost to create an atmospheric paintball experience that really puts players in the thick of it, especially when smoke rolls across the beach and paintballs begin to whizz by your head. Complete with three large bridges, deep trenches and pill boxes, attacking forces will need to gain ground quickly if they are to resist being pegged back on the beach by the opposition. Good luck soldier!


Action packed day of paintball in Kent


Not to be outdone, the Kent paintball centre in Westerham offers an incredible seven unique game zones for players to try out new paintball tactics and manoeuvres. How about trying your hand at defending the American President on his tour of the UK from covert insurgents? Use the awesome movie-quality props and police-issue riot shields as your cover and sniping positions, including two double-decker London buses, black cabs and phone boxes! Or maybe you would prefer to be part of a band of outlaws in a dangerous Gold Rush mission set in the Wild West; carefully take out the defending constabulary as they look to protect what isn't rightfully yours!


Kent paintball's action packed scenrio

To experinece a piece of the action at Delta Force Paintball Kent, call our friendly booking office on 0844 477 5115*

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