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15 Foot Tall Paintballing Robot Suits? Take My Money...

Paintballing fans, imagine this: You're the pilot of a 7000kg mechanical robot standing almost 3 times the height of an average human. Seated beside you is your co-pilot operating the guns. That's right, the guns. Two hulking great weapons attached to the robots pneumatic arms. The first gun is capable of firing a 6" cannon ball sized paintball at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour. The second fires a 13" long paint missile weighing over half a pound at a whopping 150mph! Want to see a prototype of the robot in action? Check out this video of the main cannon destroying a car below:

This might sound like something out of a Hollywood movie such as Pacific Rim or Transformers, but if the clever team over at MegaBots, Inc have anything to do with it, their dream could be a reality as early as 2016. For me the idea of giant robots takes me right back to wonderful childhood memories of playing with Power Rangers and Transformers toys. Not my childhood memories of course, I was too poor for expensive toys like that, but my rich friends had loads of them and boy did they look awesome.

The MegaBots Inc vision is to raise £1.8m via their Kickstarter campaign and use the cash to fund the construction of two shiny new Megabots. The team would then hire an epic gaming arena, fill it with obstacles, defences and vehicles, and set the robots against each other in a deathmatch to the erm... death. Each robot will have intelligent armour capable of registering impacts and the onboard computer will respond to these impacts and replicate realistic battle damage. Eventually the losing robot will sieze up entirely before collapsing to the cheers of a baying crowd of onlookers.

The first tournament is pencilled in for May 2016 and at the time of writing the team have raised $53,480 (£33,777) with 9 days left to raise the rest. It may seem like a tall order, but with backing from companies like Autodesk and support from the Reddit community, anything is possible. Personally I'd love to see a future where paintballing fans could climb inside a robot at one of our paintball centres and duke it out on even more futuristic looking paintball game zones. If you want to be a part of that future why not visit the Megabot Kickstarter campaign page and check them out for yourself. The Megabot creators even had a few words to share with Delta Force paintball fans:

"Hello Delta Force paintball fans! Imagine a future where you're not only battling other humans on the field, but 15 foot tall robots with gatling paintball guns for arms. HELP US BUILD THIS RIDICULOUS FUTURE TOGETHER!"

If all of this paintball talk has got you geared up for a game of paintball with Delta Force, feel free to give our events team a call 24 hours a day on 0844 477 5115. We don't have giant robots yet, but we can offer you an awesome day of paintballing action!

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