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Paintballing in Huddersfield

For paintball in Huddersfield we recommend the following centre(s):

More about Huddersfield

Huddersfield is an interesting town, welcoming to visitors and travellers alike the city is a boiler pot full of strong tradition, quality shopping, exciting and adventurous festivals and top grade sport.

Huddersfield became a borough in 1868 and grew rapidly much in thanks to the boom in the textile industry and the cities fine wool, which was in high demand worldwide. Throughout this exciting period Huddersfield’s beautiful Victorian architecture was erected, and the city now contains the third largest amount of heritage listed buildings of any city in the UK.

Canals, as with many major cities throughout the United Kingdom, played a vital function in the early development of Huddersfield. Today, with the industrial and textile industry long gone, the canals offer places of peace and tranquillity for residents and travellers to enjoy a weekend walk or cruise. For an action packed experience you need to look no further than the towns many nightclubs and bars featuring quality Yorkshire beer served by staff schooled in the regions renowned hospitality.

Award winning festivals annually grace the town of Huddersfield and slowly the city has fostered a reputation amongst artists as an area that enjoys and demands creativity. Huddersfield also offers a plethora of fine dining. Many fine restaurants grace the cities streets offering British and foreign delicacies as well as the standard fish and chips, considered amongst the residents as the best in the UK.