Top six: Paintball scenarios

As paintball’s popularity has increased over the years so has the number of different ways in which paintball can be played. Other paintball providers may offer different types of scenarios at their centres, but here are six of the most popular paintball games that you will play on an average Delta Force game day:

Capture the flag

Each of the two teams have a flag in their base which are located on opposite sides of the game zone. The aim of the game is to capture the enemy’s flag from their base and deliver it back to your base before they capture your flag. Capture the flag can be played in almost every Delta Force game zone.

Bomb the base

A neutral bomb or similar object is placed in the centre of the game zone, usually in a building. The objective is to take the bomb or object from the centre of the game zone and into the enemy’s base. Bomb the Base is usually played in The Zombies’ Crypt or Tomb Raider game zones.

Attack and defend

One team occupy a castle/fort and their mission is to defend it. The other team has to attack the enemy’s position and raise the flag before the game finishes. The attacking team are usually allowed to re-spawn (walk back to the starting point then having another go) for the first few minutes or for the duration of the game. Attack and defend is usually played in our Castle Wallenberg game zone.

Hostile takeover

Upwards of four neutral targets, usually buildings or vehicles, populate the game zone. The objective for both teams is to seize control of the targets as points are scored for each target secured and held at the end of the game. Hostile Takeover is usually played in the Siege of Stalingrad and Viet Cong Village game zones.

Team deathmatch

The original way to play paintball paintball. Team Deathmatch is a simple team based total annihilation game where each team has to take out every member of the opposing team in order to win. Team Deathmatch is usually played in our Speedball game zone.

Protect the President

One member from the defending team is nominated to be the president who has to be protected and possibly escorted to safety by the rest of the team. The objective of the attacking team is to take down the president before the game is over. Protect the President is usually played in the Border Crossing and London Apocalypse game zones.

Almost every paintball game played at a Delta Force centre follows these rules or variants of them. The aim of this blog post is to outline the mission objectives and hopefully give you a starting point for preparing some tactics!

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