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Delta Force Paintball Plymouth - Pasties, Paintball, Plymouth and Pirates

 For paintballing events in Plymouth, we recommend the following location:

  • Delta Force Paintball Plymouth - set in picturesque woodland in Plympton, the Plymouth Paintball Centre has extensive experience hosting all types of paintball events for players aged 10+ years on exciting themed game zones.

Delta Force Paintball Plymouth takes you adventuring

In an area of the UK, famous for pirate smuggling, you'll be hard pressed to manage an "aargh me hearties" while ducking and diving for cover. As your team fights hard to secure combat scenario objectives set by Delta Force marshals, make sure your super-sleek Inferno Mark II paintball gun is locked and loaded. Delta Force Paintball Plymouth set in gorgeous Devon is a fantastic place to play paintball games. Spacious surroundings, including a disused mine, set the scene for a day out charging with gusto around Delta Force paintball centre game zones.


Plymouth paintball player


Five exciting game zones greet paintball players at Plymouth, including Castle Wallenberg, where players face the ultimate WWII game scenario; to break through the stronghold, housing commandos that guard a mysterious science weapon. The fate of the world rests with your team as you shoot-em out, smoke-em out and storm the castle with the determination of Captain Jack Sparrow in search of exotic golden treasure.

Break through defences at Paintball Plymouth

Minefield is a game zone to level the best paintball team and challenge anyone determined to dive in feet first! With varied terrain, ditches and trenches to work your way through, the mission objective can seem impossible. You'll need smoke grenades to mask your approach and then pelt the opposition with paintball gun fire.

Across the waters, set sail for the Viet Cong Village game zone and take your pirate skills to the edge, paintballing your way through the Ho Chi Minh trail with utmost determination. Testing times lay ahead as you try to stay one step ahead of the opposing side, who want to claim the village all for themselves. Village life in Devon seems a long way away when you are driving a crack commando team through the Delta Force Paintball Plymouth game zones.


Devon woodsball paintball


Full riot gear needed at Paintball Plymouth game zones

Feel your adrenaline rise as the urgency of the mission becomes apparent, to capture the Command Post your side will have to out play your opponents who are determined to take you out. At Delta Force Paintball Plymouth each team gets to play the Navy Seals and then the Insurgents, you might be up against it one moment convinced all hope is lost or have the scales tipped miraculously in your favour the next. Don your Delta Force defence shield for this combat scenario and discover why paintballing is a high-octane sport.


Plymouth Paintball castle


A total annihilation paintball challenge where you'll have to match skills, tactics and speed against an opposition determined to destroy you awaits. In Chemical Alley you need to move fast and quick to be successful. So make sure you've stocked up on your fill of energy-boosting pasties at the Plymouth paintball centre basecamp.

Our friendly Plymouth Delta Force Paintball Team will arrange a fantastic day out paintballing for you in Devon. Call us for bookings on 0844 477 5115*today and meet the Plymouth Pirates!

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