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Why go paintballing this Father’s Day?

Forget the socks and CDs this Father’s Day, why not take your old man out for a day of paintballing with Delta Force Paintball? There really is no better way to bond with the old fella than watching him run away in horror as you toss him a live paint grenade. It ...

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[Question] Which 5 celebrities who would be amazing at paintball?

Choosing your perfect paintball celebrity teammate for a day at your local Delta Force Paintball Centre is a bit like choosing the best footballer in school for PE. You're looking for someone with all the skills for the job – they need to be quick thinking, full of ...

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Why paintballing is perfect for your school reunion!

It’s always tricky attending a school reunion - seeing all those old faces and forgetting half their names. Why would you want to stand in an empty hall nursing a beer in a plastic cup when you could make a group paintball booking at your local Delta Force Paintball ...

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Put a spring in your step this bank holiday weekend!

Summer’s fast approaching and you’re doing everything within your power to get the perfect beach body. You’re hitting the gym every night and eating the human equivalent of rabbit food in a desperate attempt to lose those lingering love handles. ...

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Superhero Paintball - Batman vs. Spiderman

As two of the most famous comic book superheroes in history, we think it would be awesome if Batman and Spiderman battled it out paintball style at a Delta Force Paintball Centre. We’ve picked out the best in both characters to explore their paintballing potential and ...

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Downing Street Fighter - David Cameron vs The Terminator

Welcome back to the Delta Force Cobham Paintball Centre for this special edition of our Downing Street Fighter series!

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