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What To Wear To Paintball

Got a big event coming up? Wondering exactly what to wear paintballing? Let us help! First and foremost, paintball is an outdoor event and we're in England, so the odd rainy day is inevitable. That's why choosing the right paintballing clothing is crucial. Here's our list ...

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5 reasons why you should take your kids paintballing this half term!

So Autumn half term is in full swing and your kids have already laid siege to the sofa to play their latest video game for hours on end. Granted, they look like they’re having fun, but it can’t last forever, and what physical benefits are there from sitting ...

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Get spooked this Halloween with Delta Force Paintball!

What other time of year would it be perfectly normal to see zombies, skeletons and blood curdling vampires lurking down our streets, knocking on our doors and parading their bones on the dancefloor? Which other night could you wear the raunchiest outfit or the boldest of ...

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What do Delta Force, Doritos and The LAD Bible have in common?

It's a question we've all pondered at some point in our lives. Just what do Delta Force, Doritos and those cheeky chaps at The LAD Bible have in common? (We'll give you a clue - it's not the fact they all smell of cheese)

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Game zone in focus: London Apocalypse

It’s June, 2025. A series of dirty bombs have reduced London to ruins. With flames still burning and London all but destroyed, the Prime Minister emerges from his secret underground bunker in Whitehall surrounded by his elite team of security personnel. Your mission ...

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Guide: Paintball Vocabulary

Whether it's the 'googly' in cricket, the 'slam dunk' in basketball or the 'onion bag' on the football pitch, every sport contains its own quirky terminology. Paintball is no different, which is why the friendly team at Delta Force Paintball have put together this easy to ...

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