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What is mini-ball?

Do you have a kid's birthday coming up? Stuck for ideas for the half-term holidays? Maybe you've considered booking a paintball event for your child but are unsure of the differences between regular paintball and mini paintball?Let's start with the basics...

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Awaken the Force at Delta Force Paintball!

Star Wars fans rejoice! The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived, and what a moment it has been! Star Wars: The Force Awakens exploded into cinemas across the world on Thursday, raking in close to $200 million already. To put that into perspective, that's ...

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Top six: Paintball scenarios

As paintball’s popularity has increased over the years so has the number of different ways in which paintball can be played. Other paintball providers may offer different types of scenarios at their centres, but here are six of the most popular paintball games that ...

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What is paintballing?

Have you been invited to a paintball day but not exactly sure what it involves? Considering booking an event for your friends or your child but unsure whether they’ll enjoy it? Fear not, our beginner's guide to paintball should help to put your mind at ease...

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Treat your loved one to a Delta Force Paintball Christmas gift voucher!

Today marks Black Friday, a yearly event which can only mean one thing - the Christmas shopping season has officially begun! Are you still deciding what to get your loved ones but hesitant as to what they might like? Are you looking to buy something exciting and special ...

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Paintball Tips and Tricks!

Do you have a paintball event coming up? Looking for some last minute paintballing tips and tricks? We went down to our flagship Cobham Paintball Centre to glean some inside information from the ultimate paintballing hero himself - the Terminator!

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