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Kegworth paintballing: Nottinghamshire’s top paintball centre!

For a paintball event in Kegworth, we recommend visiting the following location:

  • Delta Force Paintball Nottingham - located in lush woodland in Kegworth, this world-class paintball centre is the ultimate venue to reenact scenes from your favourite action movie as you dodge bullets and take cover behind from enemy fire on a selection of themed mission scenarios.


Paintballing in Kegworth, Nottinghamshire is a fantastic day out for anyone looking for an adventure in the East Midlands. Based just off the M1 motorway at Junction 24, Delta Force Paintball Nottingham is really easy to find and has its own private entrance. Set in gorgeous woodland with a huge selection of paintball game zones, players are guaranteed a fun and exciting day which will leave them reminiscing for a long time afterwards! The Kegworth paintball centre’s Tomb Raider game zone has proven to be one of the most popular, showcasing a huge pyramid and mummy statue! Our customers love to use these props to hide from their opponents; they also help make a great team photo!

The other game zones at the Kegworth paintball centre in Nottingham are: Castle Wallenberg which features a huge two storey fortress that players need to try and seize ahead of their opponents; Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack where players need to rescue a downed Allied airman hanging by his parachute; Viet Cong Village set in an abandoned village hidden in the jungle; The Haunted Graveyard featuring creepy gravestones for participants to hide behind and Afghan Fort where players are ordered to infiltrate the enemy stronghold and eliminate it with plastic explosives. Players can even make use of the centre’s pyrotechnics (paint grenades, smoke grenades and Thunderflashes)!




Kegworth paintball threat: The Terminator!

Another danger players may face is the risk of coming face to face with the Rogue Cybernetic Assassin, known as the Delta Force Terminator. Armed with his two lethal BT4 Combat paintball guns, he can be found wandering through the game zones looking for trouble!

The Terminator can appear in any game whenever he chooses and can challenge any player he wants to a gunfight. He’ll raise his guns and point them in your direction to challenge you; then it’s up to you whether they you want to accept his challenge. If you do, you can open fire and take him one-on-one and if he thinks you’re a worthy opponent, he’ll surrender one of his paintball guns for you to use for the rest of the game; it’s the only way you’ll get your hand on the Terminator’s impressive machine guns! But if you don’t, you’ll need to ignore him and hope that he finds a new opponent to battle against…

The Terminator’s BT4 Combat paintball guns are always sought after. Features include: .68 calibre, semi-automatic, lightweight frame with the ability to fire up to 13 paintballs every second! These unique paintball guns at the Kegworth paintball centre can really give you the advantage during a game, so make sure you keep a look out for the Terminator!




Corporate days: Kegworth paintballing

Our paintball centre in Nottingham also offers tailored paintballing corporate days for businesses. Perhaps your team at work are relatively new and you’re after an activity to help form those bonds required for the workplace? Or perhaps you’ve been working together for years and are looking for something a little bit different to do together as a team? Either way, a corporate day with Delta Force Paintball in Kegworth won’t leave you disappointed.

Each of our centres have great facilities for hosting a corporate event, such as covered picnic tables and seating areas, male and female toilets, tea and coffee making facilities and a large private car park suitable for coaches.




For more information about our corporate paintballing days at Kegworth or to book a day out paintball with your mates in Nottingham, call 0844 477 5115*

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