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Awesome Game Zones at Delta Force Paintball Manchester!

Awesome Game Zones at Delta Force Paintball Manchester!

Delta Force Paintball Manchester has an awesome range of state-of-the-art paintball game zones for customers to enjoy, that come fully equipped with impressive movie-quality props! So, if you're looking for the ultimate paintball experience, make sure you visit our Manchester Paintball Centre!

The paintball game zones at Delta Force Paintball Manchester include A Bridge Too Far (which features several wooden bridges for players to dart across), Afghan Fort (home to several military bunkers and dugouts), Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack (set deep inside the murky rainforest), The Haunted Graveyard (featuring an old church and lots of eerie-looking tombstones and coffins), Chemical Alley (a quick-fire game of speedball) and Viet Cong Village (where lots of hostile villagers reside). The venue also has a target range for players to practice their marksmanship skills!

Paintball shooting action

But your opponents aren't the only threat that lurks in the woods… Armed with his lethal BT4 combat markers, theDelta Force Terminator scours the land, looking for a gunfight! If he decides he wants to fight against you, he'll lift his guns and point them towards you. If you decide to accept his challenge, all you need to do is open-fire at him and take him on, one-to-one! If he deems you a worthy foe, he'll surrender one of his deadly weapons for you to use for the rest of the game. It's the only way you can get to use one of his amazing paintball guns, so make sure you keep watch for the Delta Force Terminator!

Manchester paintballing fun with the Terminator

Delta Force Paintball Manchester also offers customers first-class facilities at basecamp, including a large comfortable picnic area with lots of seating, proper flushing WCs on mains water and secure lockers for customers to store their valuables (for a small charge). Customers can even request a hot pizza lunch, freshly prepared by an off-site catering company. All you need to do is order in advance (at the time of booking) or on the morning of your paintball event (before 11am). And, if it's your birthday, we can arrange for birthday cake (BYO) to be served too, making your day feel truly special.

If you'd like to find out more about Delta Force Paintball Manchester or you'd like to book your paintball activity with us, call the bookings team on 0844 477 5115*today!

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