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Delta Force Paintball Warrington – ultimate paintballing in Cheshire

For the ultimate paintball experience in Warrington, we recommend the following locations:


As a rugby town, paintball may appear as a bit of soft touch in comparison – sure, it may not be as physical or ‘hands-on’ (we hope), but it can at times require just as much aptitude and teamwork needed to defeat the opposition as any game of rugger. What’s more, unlike many other competitive sports, paintballing is an ideal ‘leveller’; in other words, it can be enjoyed by both guys and girls of different abilities and a mix of ages. Trying your hand at paintball for the first time at Delta Force Paintball near Warrington, you may quickly discover you are a total natural!


Family day out Warrington paintball


Paintball equipment at its best

Where Delta Force Paintball does compare to modern day sports is in our investment into quality paintball equipment and being sure to keep our 28 nationwide paintball centres stocked with latest gear. All players at Delta Force Paintball in Warrington and our other UK paintball centres are completely protected from head-to-toe in our thick overalls with a padded collar, not to mention our US-Spec anti-fog helmet system that covers the whole head. Many other providers do not use these, but we view them as necessary for all-round player safety.

Our attacking potential is just as effective as the defensive equipment. The standard-issue markers for all players are the Inferno MKII’s, a reliable and accurate semi-automatic paintball gun that will quickly become your best friend on the battlefield at Delta Force Paintball near Warrington. There is an option for upgrading to the replica M16 semi-automatic marker, a £10 day hire fee very well spent if you are looking for a weapon that has it all. Smoke grenades, paint grenades, thunderflash grenades, riot shields, battle packs; kitting yourself out for ultimate paintball action has never been easier!


Cheshire target practise paintball


Awesome paintball action with Delta Force Paintball

The nearest Delta Force Paintball centre to Warrington, the Manchester Paintball Centre, is a real treat for paintball enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike, and the odd celebrity or two! The centre features some of our most popular and unique game zones that will leave you with unforgettable experience with friends and family – from haunted graveyards to atmospheric jungles.

Be sure to also take advantage of the movie-quality props dotted around base camp, including a WWII Bofors Anti-Aircraft gun!


Rio Ferdinand Hobby paintball


To book a day of paintball in Warrington, contact the booking team for more information on 0844 477 5115.

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