LOCAL TIME: 13:50:23pm
CALL 24/7: 0844 477 5115
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South Manchester Paintball

Back Lane, Pewit Covert, CW11 1RL

Delta Force Paintball South Manchester is located just off of the M6 and brings the ultimate paintballing experience to all players who come to visit. Frequently used by Premier League football teams, the South Manchester paintball centre has built its reputation for being one of the best paintballing centres in the UK when it comes to quality of service and the potential for unforgettable adrenaline-fuelled action. In addition to the action-packed game zones and huge props, the expansive base camp is also just as spectacular. Featuring many focal points for team photos, the highlight would have to be the genuine WWII Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun. A note to persons wishing to play paintball in Manchester, or paintball in Liverpool - your closest centre is this one and it is conveniently located just off the motorway network, making it quick and easy to find.

Pyrotechnics available: Paint grenades, Smoke grenades, Thunderflashes

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