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Paintball prices

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At Delta Force Paintball we believe we offer the best value for money, and for your peace of mind we also offer a price match guarantee for a comparable paintball offer.

We are able to offer such competitive pricing, whilst still providing a fve star service, because of our enormous economies of scale. For example, in 2013 Delta Force purchased more than 300 million paintballs – this means we are able to drive a hard bargain with our paintball suppliers, and pass the savings on to you, our valued clients.

Paintball prices 

We have different pricing structures for Adults and for Juniors. 

Food and drinks can be purchased from the onsite shops. Paint grenades, smoke grenades and Mk5 Thunderflashes are also available for purchase (Min age: 18 yrs) and subject to certain limitations.

To see mini paintballing prices (8-10) please CLICK HERE.

To see paintballing prices for kids and juniors (10-17) please CLICK HERE.

To see paintballing prices for adults (18+) please CLICK HERE.

Please note:  Local and National paintball centres can be identified on the locations map when you select a particular location - this information is displayed within the centre summary beneath the address. Local paintball centres are generally smaller and the minimum age, the nature of the equipment, game zones, catering arrangements and pricing structure will be different. For further information, please talk to one of our event co-ordinators and they will be able to provide you with further details.

We are certain that we can offer the best value for money when it comes to exhilarating paintball events, but if you do find a better deal elsewhere we promise to match or better that price. Not only do you get the best package that works with your budget, you also have the added security of knowing that you will receive the most personable service in the industry, from our friendly booking team to our expert marshals.

You may be wondering how Delta Force can offer such fantastic deals – this is in no small part down to the number of years we have been providing paintball activities and trading with our suppliers. With experience on our side we have become the most trusted name in the world of paintball. Last year alone, over 300 million paintballs were fired at our centres across the country, a staggering figure that grows each year as our prices continue to compete at the highest level.

Our packages are structured differently for adults, juniors and Mini-ball players, and all can be customised to meet the client’s personal outlay. It is no secret that the main cost comes when purchasing paintballs - no certified paintball centre will allow you to bring your own, unless it is a ‘pay to play’ walk-on venue - buying in bulk and distributing among friends is a great way to take advantage of the Delta Force deals which are exclusively available to visitors at any of our sites.

Along with our pyrotechnics (18+ only), hireable protective gear, hot lunches and more, our name has become synonymous with choice and affordability. For more information on prices speak to one of our friendly customer service agents for a free consultation or to begin a bespoke package that suits you – our lines are open 24 hours a day.