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Premium paintball at affordable prices

If you're looking for a top quality paintball experience at an affordable price then you've come to the right place. Book now and enjoy access to state of the art safety equipment and incredible game zones that feature props from Hollywood movies and hit TV shows.

For details of our paintball prices, including london paintball prices please visit the following links:

Delta Force Adult Paintball prices (18+ years old)
Delta Force Junior Paintball prices
(10-17 years old)
Delta Force Mini Paintball prices (8-10 years old)

Cheap london paintball with delta force

FAQ: How are we able to offer such low prices?

We have been in operation for over 20 years. During that time we have forged long lasting relationships with suppliers, land owners and intermediaries.  Those relationships have resulted in cost savings that have been passed directly to customers like you - in the form of discounted prices, premium paintballing equipment and Hollywood quality game zones.

FAQ: Are the prices the same at all our centres?

All of the prices are correct for our National paintball centres.  We do however operate some local centres that differ in their pricing and service structure.  You can find out more information about local centres or anything else by calling 0844 477 5115 and speaking to one of our event coordinators.  Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

FAQ: Can you tell me more about Delta Force Paintball?

Founded in 1989 in Surrey, Delta Force Paintball is the largest paintball company in the UK, currently entertaining thousands of players a week.  We are known for our investment in brand new high quality paintball equipment such as combat suits with neck protectors and goggle helmets that protect the entire head.  Our dedication to safety has caught the attention of the media and the biggest paintball governing body in the UK - the UKPBA - who have awarded us with a 5-star certification for health and safety.  

FAQ: How do I book?

Simply visit the paintball booking page or give us a quick call on 0844 477 5115.  Our event coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Please note: Our centres get booked up fast so book well in advance to secure your ideal date. At Delta Force Paintball we also endeavour to match any comparable offer from any other national paintball provider, making us the most affordable paintball provider in the UK.  Simply give us a call on 0844 477 5115 with the details of the offer and if it fits our price match promise* we will honour it for you.  Even if you don't take advantage of this offer, you will still receive incredible value for money.

*For the terms of our price match promise, please click here.