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Paintballing in Guildford

For the ultimate paintballing experience in Guildford, we recommend the following locations:

  • Delta Force Paintball Surrey - our flagship paintball centre is situated south of London in Cobham and features a selection of incredible game zones designed to thrill and engage players aged 10+ years! Lead the charge as you defeat the enemy as you and your rebel comrades storm the heavily guarded blast doors. 
  • Delta Force Paintball South West London - conveniently located in dense woodland off Junction 10 of the M25, the Effingham Paintball Centre is a popular destination for all types of events for players aged 8+ years. For the ultimate birthday celebration, corporate team building event or stag or hen party, look no further!


With two of our most elite paintball centres with no more than five minutes between them, finding your favourite paintball game zone in Guildford won’t be an easy decision, what with the plethora of choice the player will have. Not only that, at both the Cobham Paintball Centre and the Effingham Paintball Centres, a short distance from Guildford, players will find the best in paintball equipment, spotless base camp facilities and enthralling mission scenarios that continue to result in surprising outcomes.


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Cobham Paintball Centre

The ‘star’ of the show at the Cobham centre is the epic Space Warz game zone fans out there, a must-visit for any fans of a particularly famous intergalactic saga! Immense structures based on Imperial Army technology are strategically positioned to give whoever controls them an excellent vantage point over the field. An AT-ST Walker towers menacingly over the battlefield, with players able to climb inside and fire from tactically-placed windows, whilst a three storey tall Imperial Shuttle sits proudly in the middle of the zone. Imperials versus the rebels; which side will you choose?

There’s far more to see here than battles for the galaxy; how about defending the country’s capital from would-be terrorists in London Town? Use the iconic landmarks and structures to fend off wave after wave of intense paintball rounds, before launching a counter-attack of your own – just be wary not to get caught crossing Chelsea Bridge without adequate back up!

space warz paintballing guildford

Effingham Paintball Centre

Featuring thick woodland full of natural cover, the Effingham Paintball Centre is yet one more Delta Force venue that offers unrivalled extensive game zones. After being carefully designed to incorporate the surroundings, movie-quality props were then installed to introduce an atmospheric paintball experience. Because we continually upgrade our props and structures, players often come back to this paintball centre to find a range of cool new additions; we aim to go all out with our scenarios, enthralling missions and intense game objectives!

Within the seven battle arenas, players will find an array of challenging situations that can be overcome with a number of different strategies, both defensive and attacking. Will you be able to break through the stoical human barrier that guards the Berlin Wall? Maybe the best of the best will be on your elite team as you hunt the generals in Jungle Warfare?

paintball jungle game guildford


Safety, Affordability and Service in Guildford

Above all else, these two centres situated in the heart of Surrey epitomise the Delta Force brand; high quality service that puts the customer in the hot seat, spotless safety records that adhere to the strict UKPBA rulings and frequent deals and packages that work to your budget, whatever the occasion.

For the ultimate paintball adventure in Guildford, at either the Cobham or Effingham Paintball centre, Contact our friendly booking team today on 0844 477 5115*

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