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Paintball Cobham

Cobham paintballing with Delta Force Paintball

Our two Surrey paintball centres have extensive experience providing top-notch paintball activities for families, friends and colleagues. Less than a mile apart, Delta Force Paintball Surrey and Delta Force Paintball South West London both offer high quality game zones with movie-style props, dedicated staff that make your day out one to remember, with all events run to an organised itinerary. Read on and find out why you can’t go wrong when you book a paintball experience with Delta Force.

Out-of-this-world game zones at paintball Cobham

Featuring thick woodland full of natural cover, our Surrey Paintball Centres have unrivalled game zones at their disposal. After being carefully designed to incorporate the surroundings, movie-quality props were then installed to introduce an atmospheric paintball experience. Because we are continually investing and upgrading our props and structures, players often come back to Delta Force Cobham Paintball to find a range of cool new additions to our paintball centres; we aim to go all out with our scenarios, enthralling missions and intense game objectives!

For the Star Wars fans out there and those who just love awesome large-scale paintball action, Delta Force Paintball Cobham in Surrey now features a Space Warz game zone that is the ultimate scenario for intergalactic fans! With news that the latest addition to the franchise is to be filmed in the UK, we thought it necessary to add our bit of history to the epic saga; a galactic-themed paintball game zone featuring detailed structures based on the Imperial Army technology in the movie. An AT-ST Walker towers menacingly over the battlefield, with players able to climb inside and fire from tactically-placed windows, whilst a three storey tall Imperial Shuttle sits proudly in the middle of the zone. Imperials versus the rebels; which side will you choose?

Getting to grips with Delta Force Paintball Cobham equipment

Inferno MKII’s, M16 replica guns, riot shields, paint grenades, thunderflashes – these are just some of our awesome pieces of kit available at the Cobham and Effingham Paintball Centres and make your day out exhilarating. What’s more, our state-of-the-art equipment includes a combat suit with high padded collar, plus a mist-proof helmet and goggle system that fully encloses the head – a paintball shot will feel no worse than a flick of a finger!

We are also proud to be able to host mini-ball events at Delta Force Cobham Paintball in South West London. This specialty paintball event is tailored specifically for 8-10 year olds, with smaller equipment and ammunition being used, plus padded body armour protection and marshalling throughout the afternoon. It’s totally safe and totally fun and takes top position on every child’s birthday wishlist!


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Delta Force Experience

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  • Over 50 prime UK paintball locations
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  • 5 star rating from the UK Paintball Association
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