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CALL 24/7: 0844 477 5115
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Sheffield Paintball

Mortimer Road, Sheffield, S6 6JE

Offering the very best in state-of-the-art equipment, breath-taking game zones and all-round awesome paintballing experiences, the Delta Force Sheffield paintball centre is one of the latest centres to be constructed in the UK and joins both the Kegworth and Wakefield paintball centres in providing the North Midlands with the ultimate adrenaline-rush adventure! Based on the eastern fringes of the Peak District National Park, the centre is the ideal city getaway adventure, with non-stop action set amongst typically English woodland vistas.

Fittingly, the wide open spaces of the idyllic part of the country leave plenty of room for seven expansive game zones, with a Sheriff’s Castle, churches and even a Tower Bridge! For fans of the fast-paced speedball format, there are two arenas that promise the very best in tactical paintball scenarios – our Goldeneye field, featuring a number of satellite dishes that act as cover, and the classic Chemical Alley. If you happen to be eliminated quickly in these matches, then there will be plenty of opportunity to get payback in some of the later games…

London Apocalypse, for example, is a sniper’s dream, as well as being expertly themed to really get players engrossed in their surroundings. Buses, taxis, iconic street signs and even a Big Ben tower take pride of place in this extensive game zone! The Wild West paintball arena similarly features a number of awesome props including stocks, gallows and various facades that are sure to bring about that Western nostalgia. However, there won’t be any chance to soak up the atmosphere in the ominous War Field, as mortar-damaged buildings, tanks and field guns instantly place the player in a white-knuckle fight to the last paintball!

Yet before you even step foot into a game zone, take a minute to appreciate the immense attack chopper taking pride of place in the centre of the base camp – this is fresh from the set of Edge of Tomorrow, one of Tom Cruise’s latest projects to hit the cinemas! As always, we believe it to be an ideal showstopper to sit alongside our other spectacular props that welcome visitors to the centre. These centrepieces are always popular with visitors and provide fantastic photo opportunities when arriving and leaving the centre.

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