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Delta Force Paintball near Liverpool for a top day out

 For a paintball experience near Liverpool, we recommend the following locations

  • Delta Force Paintball Manchester - conveniently situated only 5 minutes from the Trafford Centre, the brand new Manchester Paintball Centre showcases some of the finest paintball scenarios in the UK, including a full-scale Wild West Town and a 60ft long Berlin Wall complete with sniper towers.
  • Delta Force Paintball South Manchester - with years of experience providing the ultimate paintball experience, the Holmes Chapel Paintball Centre remains a family favourite amongst our repeat visitors. Based in Congleton off Junction 17 of the M6, you can expect an action packed paintball day out for players aged 10+ years with fun and laughter along the way!


Just off the M6 at Congleton you will find the closest Delta Force paintball centre to Liverpool, the Delta Force Paintball Manchester centre. For an awesome day packed with action take a group on a fun day out paintballing.

Pit your wits against opposing players out to attack your team with paintballs, outsmart your opponents with a paintball grenade attack and win bonus points for your team. Got a friend who fancies themselves in the same league as Jason Statham or Sylvester ? Get them along - you'll need help!

Take off that shirt and tie, ditch the school rucksack and forget about being a sensible Mum or Dad for a day. Delta Force Paintball is the place where no matter how old you are, when you hear the marshals say "charge" you are a soldier on a mission to conquer or defend us all!

Paintball dive Liverpool

Action and adventure with Paintball Liverpool

Superbly organised movie-style game zones entertain your group at the Delta Force paintball centre near Congelton, where birthday parties, stag/hen events and special occasions are very welcome. Family groups and younger paintball players (aged 10 and upwards) looking for a superb day of adrenaline-fuelled fun and a ton of laughs will find what they're looking for. Come and enjoy a day paintballing near Liverpool with Delta Force Paintball.

The Manchester paintball centre, offers incredible photo opportunities for those priceless reminders of the day when your group donned full combat gear, black 'ninja' suits and paintball weaponry. At the base camp make sure you snap a shot beside the huge WWII Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun; part of the famous Delta Force 'fleet' of army memorabilia vehicles.

Let your Action-Man out and play Paintball in Liverpool

From the very first shot fired, you won't recognise your friends. As you attack "Full Metal Jacket" style into the mud, duck for cover in Viet Cong Village huts and fire paintballs to take out the enemy - the marshals at Delta Force Paintball Manchester run seven combat scenarios you must win at any cost!

Top paintball centres in Liverpool

Delta Force Liverpool game zones thrill paintballers

A Bridge Too Far is a popular favourite. Teams battle to secure vital infrastructure so supply lines to their forces are not obstructed. Fast and furious paintball battles commence as both sides try to 'own' the bridge and suffer huge paintball casualties - clever tactics are needed.

Sometimes the only solution is to belt your way to the other side and in the Chemical Alley game zone your survival depends on it.  Defence-play is super-deadly during The Haunted Graveyard game where opponents can miraculously re-spawn after being shot.. 

Fortunately, each team gets to play attack and defence in every game zone scenario, but be warned - Delta Force Paintball game zones are challenging and not always balanced in one side's favour.

paintball party near Liverpool

Paintball near Liverpool and save the world

At Delta Force Paintball players get to travel to exotic locations and use their wit and physical stamina under fire - just like Steven Seagal in "Under Siege".  

Mums and dads get the chance to show that there's more to them than a diplomatic conversation as the paintball battlefield looms and the chance to be an action hero gives them paintball firing fever. If dad upgrades to an M16 package, he'll have superior range and greater accuracy with this paintball gun so watch out!

Set in stunning forest with varied terrain, Delta Force Paintball near Liverpool is a fantastic place to practise your ambush manoeuvres and have a fun-filled day out playing paintball games.

Paintball Bunker action

For the ultimate outdoor experience book a day paintballing near Liverpool with the UK's number one paintball provider - Delta Force Paintball on 0844 477 5115.

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