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Paintballing in Wolverhampton

If you're looking to go paintballing in Wolverhampton, we recommend the following locations:

  • Delta Force Paintball Birmingham - located in Solihull, the Birmingham Paintball Centre features seven massive game scenarios, each one themed with movie-set quality props in a lush woodland setting. Embrace your inner warrior as you seize the prized amulet from the centre of the giant Egyptian pyramid and secure victory for your comrades!
  • Delta Force Paintball Staffordshire - the perfect venue for hosting a special birthday party or celebrating an epic stag or hen do. Just 10 minutes from Lichfield you can experience world class paintball game zones as our welcoming staff guide you through the day.
  • Delta Force Paintball Coventry - situated near the M6 and M69 motorways in Antsy, the Coventry Paintball Centre hosts all types of paintball events from children's birthday parties to corporate team building events. Movie-set quality props on six extensive game zones ensure a full day of fun as you battle alongside friends and family!

Enjoy paintballing in Wolverhampton

Paintballing in Wolverhampton has never been this good. Situated in the West Midlands and populated with 239,100 residents, Wolverhampton offers gorgeous buildings and historic churches; numerous shops and a bustling nightlife. The area is a favourite with young and old and those studying at Wolverhampton's top class University. Wolverhampton also has acres and acres of lush woodland, and it's in this natural landscape where you can find the ultimate location to explore the woods armed with paintball guns as you take on a selection of battles. There are three world class paintball centres near Wolverhampton, in Birmingham, Lichfield and Nottingham – all operated by the world leader in paintball events – Delta Force Paintball.

Paintballing Wolverhampton: Birmingham Paintball

Our Birmingham Paintball Centre is situated in Solihull and is conveniently located just off the M42 and is one of our largest paintballing centres in the Midlands. Offering participants a choice of nine thrilling game zones set in 64 acres of diverse woodland, you're guaranteed an awesome day out. Our paintball game zones include A Bridge Too Far, Command Post, Chemical Alley, London Bus, Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack, Pablo Escobar's Air Strip, The Haunted Graveyard, Tomb Raider and Viet Cong Village.

Game zone props that make these maps include: planes, trains, giant stone pyramids, military tanks... we have the lot! You can even use smoke grenades during game play to confuse and disorientate the opposition.


Wolverhampton paintballing at the Birmingham paintballing centre


Paintballing Wolverhampton: Staffordshire Paintball

Delta Force Paintball centre in Staffordshire is located in Elmhurst near Lichfield and is situated in one of the best locations for those looking to go paintballing in Wolverhampton. Featuring attractive looking battlefields, a variety of themed game zones (including: A Bridge Too Far, Command Post, Chemical Alley, Land of the Giants, Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack and Viet Cong Village), pyrotechnics such as paint grenades, smoke grenades and Mk5 Thunderflashes and a personal touch that can only be offered by a smaller venue; Delta Force Paintball Staffordshire is a popular choice for players living in the Wolverhampton area and provides the ultimate paintball fix!


paintballing wolverhampton at stafforshire paintball


Paintballing Wolverhampton: Coventry Paintball

One of our newsest centres, the Coventry Delta Force paintball centre is located near the M6 and M69 just East of Birmingham. This centre features modern versions of 6 exciting gamezones - including the one of a kind Stargat game zone based on the popular sci-fi series of the same name and a massive version of the Desert Storm game zone. We're confident you'll have an amazing time in Coventry so come on down and visit us today.


paintballing wolverhampton coventry paintball


For more information about our selection of paintball centres in Wolverhampton or to book a day of paintballing with us, call 0844 477 5115 where a member of our team will be ready to help you.

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