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Paintballing in Peterborough with Delta Force

 If you're looking to play paintball in Peterborough, we suggest the following locations:

  • The Corby Paintball Centre - a popular paintball venue set in dense woodland near Corby, this local paintball centre features a variety of themed mission scenarios for you and your mates to test your sharp-shooting skills.
  • The King's Lynn Paintball Centre - conveniently located in a lush woodland setting off the A10. This local paintball centre caters for players aged 12+ years with a variety of game zones for paintballers including Bridge Attack and the ever-popular Speedball.


With the finest high-quality protective gear in the industry, reliable and totally accurate semi-automatics and game zones that would fit naturally in a blockbuster movie or as a backdrop in a shoot-'em-up video game, Delta Force Paintball Peterborough provides services that you can really rely on. Hundreds of visitors come to visit us every week, for birthday party celebrations, corporate clientele looking for teambuilding exercises and any other occasion you can think of – including those who want to challenge our resident cyborg – with many customers returning after enjoying that initial adrenaline-rush!

paintball player with gun peterborough

The Corby Paintball Centre offers awesome missions and first-class services

Visitors to the Corby Paintball Centre, it is fair to say that the battlefield can at times been an intense and intimidating place! Your range of vision may be hampered by tactical smoke grenades, a Thunderflash might go off nearby and totally distract you, or a riot shield squad may appear from nowhere and form an impenetrable wall right in front of you! Thankfully, there will be ample opportunity to try a number of different strategies, giving your team a much needed energy boost or giving the enemy an unwelcome surprise. Yet will the creepy atmosphere of the Dawn of the Dead scenario prove too much for you and your teammates? Or maybe the infamous WWII Bunker mission will prove to supply too stubborn a defence; the unpredictably of our games are what make them so enthralling!

paintball player in action peterborough

Visit the King's Lynn Paintball Centre for unstoppable action

For Delta Force Paintball Peterborough customers, there is also the chance to play at the King's Lynn Paintball Centre. How about testing your skills at defending a key bridge and preventing it from falling into the grateful hands of the enemy? Use the awesome movie-quality props as your cover and sniping positions, and if necessary make a rush for the bridge yourself! Or maybe you would prefer to be one member of an elite US unit tasked with clearing a location of enemy Viet Cong; carefully take out the village command posts one-by-one to establish a total foothold is this region.

paintball fight viet cong village peterborough

The potential for unforgettable paintball game play is endless! Book your place today by contacting our friendly customer service team on 0844 477 5115*

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