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The creativity flows at Delta Force Paintball in Birmingham

If you're looking for the ultimate paintballing experience in Birmingham, we recommend the following venues:

  • Delta Force Paintball Birmingham - set in 64 acres of stunning woodland in Solihull, the Birmingham Paintball Centre is the largest paintball centre in the Midlands and caters to players aged 8+ years. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, planning a stag or hen party or looking for a fun day out, it's the perfect place to release your inner warrior!
  • Delta Force Paintball Coventry - situated only 20 minutes from Birmingham, this leading paintball centre in the Midlands is a dream for Call of Duty fans. Six expertly created mission scenarios ensure your paintballing experience is unforgettable!
  • Delta Force Paintball Staffordshire - located to the north of Birmingham, the Lichfield Paintball Centre features sprawling battlefields packed full of movie-quality props on varied missions. Friendly marshalling staff are on stand-by to help guide you through your day to make it an event to remember!


Birmingham is known as the "city of a thousand trades" and has had a reputation for being a centre of innovation and creativity since medieval times. Hands on creative-types who like their action can have their adrenaline levels raised spectacularly thanks to four Delta Force Paintball centres around Birmingham.

Paintball at the Birmingham centre

The Delta Force Paintball Birmingham Centre packs ten thrilling game zones into your day out paintballing. Turn into a drug enforcement special ops team on a find-and-capture mission during Pablo Escobar's Air Strip. Deploy flanking tactics against Columbia's notorious gangs and put your sharp shooters on the case, firing volleys of paintballs from your paintball gun, the Tippmann FT-12.

The Solihull Delta Force marshals won the company award for top Customer Service in 2012. The Birmingham Paintball Centre is the largest in the Midlands, with over 500 air-powered Tippmann FT-12's to service, 64 acres of stunning woodland and 10 game zones to maintain, the passion for paintball games central to the success story of Delta Force Paintball makes this award well deserved.

Paintballing Birmingham venue

Delta Force Coventry Paintball centre mark of building excellence

The latest super-build by the Delta Force army of professional builders is the Coventry Paintball centre where six game zones take you to the edge of Hollywood-style action. Serious paintball action is at your fingertips at this centre, so lay down the X-Box controller and step up to a proper "Call of Duty" experience.

Paintball is the fastest growing sporting phenomenon in the world and Delta Force paintball centres receive 700,000 visitors annually to paintball centres as far away as New Zealand. The Delta Force Coventry paintball centre takes you out-of-this-world through millennium time-warps in the stellar Stargate paintball game zone. Pelt the opposition team in a grenade-throwing, shoot-em-up bout of fury and secure the world's most important transportation device.  

Stargate Paintball Coventry

In addition to the fantastic game zones at Delta Force Paintball Birmingham and Coventry, the latest paintball action for younger players in the form of Mini-Paintball is available for those aged 8 and up. Delta Force Paintball is dedicated to providing leisure sport options for today's up and coming generation of sharp-shooting paintball fans.

Delta Force Paintball Nottingham for East Midlands paintballers

Delta Force Paintball in Nottingham provides a tranquil forest setting where families and groups will enjoy a fantastic base camp and six adrenaline-fuelled game zones to get stuck into.

At any Delta Force paintball centre birthday groups, stag and hen, company teambuilding groups and fancy dress teams are welcome. For some reason the Nottingham paintball centre attracts quite a few fantasy adventure fans. There's a castle to lay siege to, and when you've finished pelting the nobility with paintballs you can conquer Afghan Fort, Viet Cong Village and ancient Egypt in the Tomb Raider game zone.

Nottingham Paintball Pyramid

Paintball pyrotechnics at Delta Force Staffordshire Paintball centre 

It's worth the extra journey to the six game zone Staffordshire Paintball Centre to throw a Delta Force MK5 Thunderflash grenade while firing on the opposite team during Land of the Giants. Team tactics are imperative to gain victory during A Bridge Too Far, where teams engage in a paintball battle to gain contested territory vital to keep their army supply lines open. The Delta Force Staffordshire paintball centre provides a high octane day out from the moment you step into the first game zone.

Delta force Paintball Staffordshire

To book one of our four fantastic paintball centres near Birmingham phone Delta Force Team Bookings on 0844 477 5115*and arrange an amazing day paintballing right now.

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