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Delta Force Paintball in Coventry due to open on 22nd September!


The latest addition to the Delta Force portfolio is the new paintball centre in Coventry, located just off the M6 and M69 motorways. This brand new centre is due to open to the public on 22nd September and is set to revolutionise the paintball world.

Our dedicated paintball construction team has spent many months planning and building six extensive and fun-filled game zones ensuring optimum enjoyment for all players.

The main focal point of the centre is the new Desert Storm game zone, featuring three rows of themed shops, an Embassy and a Hotel at opposite ends of the game zone and a convoy of Snatch Land Rovers. The main mission is for your team to escort the President from the hotel which is under heavy fire from the opposition team to the safety of the Embassy on the other side of town. Another new style zone is the Stargate field which is based on the Hollywood film and sees opposite teams battling it out in the new world versus the old world.

paintballing castle

A number of other trademark Delta Force game zones have been built including Castle Wallenberg, the Haunted Graveyard, and WW2 Bunker Buster. The Coventry Paintball Centre is also equipped with new Tippmann FT-12 guns that run off HPA, as well as brand new protective overalls and full protection goggles.

Be a part of the grand unveiling on September 22nd and book your paintball day out now on 0844 477 5115!



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