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Paintballing in Southampton

For paintball in Southampton we recommend the following centre(s):

More about Southampton

Southampton is the largest city on the south coast of England, and is met at various points by the River Test, the River Itchen and the River Hamble. Located between Bournemouth and Portsmouth, Southampton is an exciting and adventurous port city in the south east region of Hampshire. Southampton is considered one of the largest commercial ports in Europe, and is home to a Ford Transit factory and the renowned West Quay Shopping Centre.

Southampton has a significant student population from the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent, and as such boasts an active and adventurous nightlife. With countless restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the residents of Southampton always have something to do and the streets are a constant scene of nighttime action.

Historically, Southampton is most notably recognised as the home of the Titanic, the Olympic-class ocean liner that famously sank in 1912 during its maiden voyage. The world-renowned ocean liner departed from Southampton for New York, but struck tragedy in the Atlantic Ocean when it hit an iceberg.

Southampton is a city that caters for the outdoor adventure enthusiasts, with the Southampton Sports Centre housing an Alpine Centre, theme park and state-of-the-art athletics centre. In 2006 Southampton was listed as the “fittest city in the UK”, with monitored factors including the incidence of heart disease, the consumption of junk food and alcohol and the number of gym memberships. Another key factor to Southampton being rated as the fittest city is the extensive park and woodland network, with countless outdoor areas for exercise.