The Black Pearl

The most wanted man in the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, and his nefarious band of pirates have arrived into port aboard the legendary Black Pearl seeking plunder and pleasure. This may be the last chance you and your men have got to bring the wanted pirate to justice and there’s only one way to stop The Black Pearl from leaving port – by blowing a hole on the waterline of it's starboard hull using dynamite. You must act fast and stop at nothing.

Attacking: There are two entrances to the Black Pearl’s hull – split your team into two and attack the ship from both sides. Move fast, lay down a constant barrage of covering fire and take advantage of the five minute ‘respawn’ time.
Defending: Keep the bomb away from the ship at all costs. Establish who’s running with the bomb and keep them pinned down. Once their five minute ‘respawn’ time is up, they will be a lot less cocky.

This Game Zone is available at:
Hemel Hempstead, North West London Paintball Centre
Maidenhead, Berkshire Paintball Centre

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