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Delta Force game zone in focus: Castle Wallenberg

Deep in the heart of the Bavarian forest lies the ancient Castle Wallenberg, an enormous two-story fortress with a dark history. In a last ditch attempt at rallying their remaining forces, the enemy has occupied this hidden and seemingly impenetrable structure slowing the allied advance into Europe. Your mission is to seize control of Castle Wallenberg at any cost and bring peace to Europe once more.




Standing at over two stories tall, Castle Wallenberg is undoubtedly one of Delta Force’s most impressive and popular game zones. Castle Wallenberg looks to be virtually impenetrable with it’s dark, foreboding battlements and the heavily fortified towers on every corner. For first time players, the task of capturing the castle may seem like an impossible task but it can be done with the right tactics and teamwork.

Most Delta Force centres play a variation of the ‘Attack & Defend’ game rules on the Castle Wallenberg game zone. One team defends the castle and has to hold it throughout the ten-minute duration of the game. The attacking team has to storm the castle and raise the flag, which is usually located near the front of the building. The flag cannot be raised until two minutes into the game and the attacking team is allowed to ‘respawn’ throughout the whole game by returning to the starting point and wiping their paint before rejoining the game.




The Delta Force construction team is dedicated to building the highest quality game zones and bringing the latest in paintball game innovations to our valued customers. Castle Wallenberg is just one of many exciting game zones unique to Delta Force Paintball Centres. If you are interested in organising your own paintball adventure at one of our 29 centres in the UK, then give our booking office a call on 0844 477 5115 – one of our friendly event coordinators will be standing by to take your call.

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