Customer satisfaction at Delta Force

As the weather improves, and the days start getting longer, more people are venturing out and experiencing the thrills of paintball again.

Those who return to play with Delta Force in 2009 will notice quite a few improvements to both our M*A*S*H style base camps and our action-packed game zones. Those who will experience paintball for the first time are in for a treat as Delta Force, the #1 paintball operator in the UK, has exploded into the new year with a buzz of enthusiasm.

We love customer feedback, and at the end of 2008 we compiled a summary from the thousands of surveys completed during last year and put the leading points into action.

At the top of the list was to extend our already impressive line-up of military vehicles. Our first January addition to join our massive convoy was a FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, which powered its way up the motorway and eventually settled at our Newcastle Paintball centre, located in Cramlington, Newcastle.

We have also increased customer satisfaction by minimising the queues on site. Currently, Delta Force is in the process of re-fitting all shops with two customer service windows, meaning less waiting and more playing!

In addition to this, our customers asked if we could re-energise them for their afternoon paintball antics by offering a pizza lunch. For that reason, pizzas will shortly be on our menu. These will be delivered fresh and piping hot on the day, ensuring all Delta Force customers go out in the afternoon session with more than enough energy to annihilate the enemy.

We are also constantly upgrading and improving our equipment so that our customers are certain to have a day to remember. Throughout 2009 each Delta Force centre will receive a barrage of new equipment, including the most accurate gun on the market and the latest pyrotechnics that provide more cover than a desert sandstorm.

Delta Force has also invested in training a gun tech at each site to maintain the guns in prime condition. In addition to this, we went on a massive recruitment drive to find more people with the same passion for paintball that we have. This ongoing pursuit of hiring qualified and experienced paintball gurus is all a part of providing the best possible day for our customers.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our centres shortly!