New game zone at our Manchester paintball centre

At Delta Force we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a great day paintballing in movie-set quality game zones in more comfort and safety than ever before, all at the best prices. Over the winter months our construction team have been working hard at our centre in Manchester and we are now proud to announce the launch of a brand new, adventure-filled game zone.

Defuse the Missile:
Chechnyan separatists have hijacked the launch codes to two operational nuclear missiles with intent to use them against the UK and USA and cause global conflict. The UN is gripped with panic, international relations are starting to dissolve and the media cannot be shielded from the terrifying truth for much longer. However, Russian Intelligence has located the briefcase containing the codes deep within the Caucasus Mountains in Chechnya in a heavily wooded area teeming with armed rebels. It is up to the elite Russian Spetsnaz to storm the separatist headquarters, seize control of the codes and defuse the missiles before it’s too late…

So why not be amongst of the first to experience this brilliant new game zone at our paintball centre in Manchester? Give our booking office a call on 0844 477 5115*and book your day of paintball action with us today!

Delta Force marshal poses with Manchester centre missile