Game Zone In Focus – Enemy at the Gates

Today is the day you and you fellow comrades rewrite history as the battle for Stalingrad comes to a head. It’s going to take tact, persistence and carefully placed positioning to reclaim the area fromenemy forces in the Enemy at the Gates mission scenario.

enemy at the gates paintballing

The battle is fought between two teams – the German forces vs. Soviets. In order to be victorious, it is imperative for you to have a game plan worked out amongst your comrades. Teamwork is key for negotiating the heavily guarded bunkers that surround the key bridge crossings.

tank game zone

Teams are able to equip themselves with state of the art weaponry in order to succeed. We have limited numbers of replica M16 paintballing guns available on the day of your event. With a built-in sight and longer barrel, enemies will feel the full force of the iron fist as you reign down a torrent of paintballs on those who dare cross your path.

Enemy at the gates

Organise with your fellow combatants to provide cover whilst you storm the heavily protected Soviet bunkers and smoke out the enemy using our impressive array of grenades available to purchase for players over 18+ years. A well-aimed paintball might eliminate one opponent, but a carefully placed pyrotechnic can cause havoc within enemy positions and lead to several eliminations all at once.Avoid guarded trenches, dodge fortified barricades and charge your way to victory!

Littered with Hollywood-esque props, we ensure a unique and unforgettable experience like no other! Our iconic Enemy at the Gates mission scenario is a real rush guaranteed to raise those adrenaline levels to the max!

paintball gun enemy game zone

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