The Delta Force crew have a (paint)ball!

Last week the Delta Force Paintball crew decided it was time to take a break from our everyday duties and rekindle old friendships in the name office morale. So we thought the best way to do so was to head down to the Effingham Paintball Centre and pummel each other with paintballs!

Once we were suited up (one member of staff took things so seriously he turned up in full camo gear) and fully locked’n’loaded, we ventured into the paintball arena where we played three different game zones during our half day session. The first on the list was Zombies' Crypt and keeping in theme with the name, a lot of the players were a little stiff during the first round. But as soon as everyone had loosened up, adjusted to the terrain and got better acquainted with their weapons, the games properly kicked off!

Next stop was the Speedball arena, which was widely agreed to be the best of the lot. A game so fast and furious that seeing Vin Diesel turn up in a pimped out car wouldn’t have been out of place, the players were engaged in serious rapid fire action for ten gruelling minutes. Some thought it would be fun to spice up the action by throwing a few smoke grenades in the mix (someone tried to get away with yelling “Smokin’!” but we were having none of it, so he got a paintball in the buttock).

Finally, the Berlin Wall arena made things a little more interesting by including turrets, riot shields and a “capture the flag” scenario. A devilishly tough zone to master and one which resulted in the day’s biggest bloodbath – or paintbath – with players being picked off at an alarmingly fast rate largely due to bad luck and due to the exceptional skills of the one team member dressed up in camo!

But in the wake of all the bruises, muscle pains and tired faces, was it worth it? Well, highlights included one of our marketing team being shot in the groin and an M16 replica paintball gun accidentally going off during a health & safety briefing – you don’t get that kind of entertainment on a regular office day out!

So will we be returning to the paintball arena any time soon? Hell yeah. We’ll see you on the battlefield.