Delta Force Paintball Sussex: The #1 choice for customers in Sussex!

Delta Force Paintball Sussex provides paintball fans in South East England with a paintball adventure they’ll never forget! Featuring high-tech paintball equipment and exciting game zones decked out with movie-style props, our West Sussex paintball centre is the number one choice for customers living in Sussex. Our South London Paintball centre can be found just minutes from the M23 motorway in Crawley amongst the gorgeous Sussex countryside; it’s an ideal setting for paintball fans seeking an attractive backdrop to their game. It’s a great sport for getting lots of fresh air and exercise, and will leave you feeling completely exhilarated!

Crouching player wearing pink target vest

The game zones at Delta Force Paintball Sussex feature a variety of themes with movie-style props, including The Haunted Graveyard which is home to lots of eerie-looking tombstones and coffins, Chemical Alley where participants need to seize control of a safeguarded fuel depot and Castle Wallenberg which features a large two-storey wooden fortress complete with sniper towers. Players even have the choice of using a range of paintball pyrotechnics including smoke grenades and paint grenades to MK5 Thunderflashes. These are a great added extra that can make all the difference during your game: use them to stun or confuse the opposition or as a clever diversion tactic to gain the upper hand.


Terminator giving thumbs up with kid

However, your opposition isn’t the only danger you’ll have to be mindful of at Delta Force Paintball in West Sussex. You’ll have to watch out for the Delta Force Paintball Terminator too! Lurking in the woods and armed with his deadly BT4 semi-automatic paintball guns, the Terminator can appear in any game at any time, looking for a fight. If he wants to challenge you, he’ll raise his guns and point them in your direction – if you choose to accept, all you need to do is open fire at him! And, if he thinks you’re a worthy challenger, he’ll surrender one of his paintball guns for you to use for the rest of the game… It’s the only way you can get hold of one of his awesome weapons -so keep an eye out for the Delta Force Paintball Terminator at the Crawley paintball centre!

To find out more about Delta Force Paintball Sussex or to organise a full day activity at our paintball centre in Crawley, call the advice centre on 0844 477 5115*