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Delta Force Paintball Suffolk – attack and defend for victory!

Delta Force Paintball Suffolk – attack and defend for victory!

Delta Force Paintball Suffolk provides paintball enthusiasts with a day of action-packed fun at the local Hadleigh paintballing venue in Ipswich. Located in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside on 36 acres of farmland, the Hadleigh paintball centre offers customers’ battlegrounds in both the open air and in mixed woodlands and hosts key features, including purpose built fox holes, bunkers and even a little village! Hadleigh paintballing also provides a range of exciting game zones: The Airstrip featuring an open field with crashed planes and helicopters, The Ammo Dump where players take it in turns to either attack or defend a heavily safeguarded ammo dump, and a new Sup Air Field where paintballers can experience a fast and furious game of speedball using inflatable barriers.


paintball Suffolk site in amidst of dense woods


Speedball games are one of the most popular games, ever since paintball was first introduced back in the early 80s. Its popularity stems from the game’s high-adrenaline, fast paced action played out in close proximity. One team is responsible for occupying a structure (in this case, the Ammo Dump) and has to defend it throughout the period of a ten minute round. The objectives for the opposition is to attack the defending team’s stronghold and either raise the flag or carry a bomb into the main structure before the time is up!


Speedball gaming in Suffolk


Useful ‘attack’ tactics' for this game include: surrounding your enemy (by getting your team moving in from all directions and remaining spaced apart); use decoys (when you decide to make a run for the flag, use a decoy – send out a few of your fastest members in a bid to distract the opposition from the real bomb/ flag holder!); keep up the covering fire (so that the defending team has to keep their heads down during the initial 5 minutes of the game when they’re required to stay put); make use of the ‘respawn’ rule (for the first 5 minutes of the game players will be given infinite lives).

Helpful ‘defend’ tactics consist of: being aggressive (the defending team will always have the upper hand at the start – play aggressively and prevent the opposition from completing their mission); get on the offensive (take advantage of the fact you can leave the structure after 5 minutes and get your teammates on the defensive!); spread out (it’s the best way to maintain a solid defence!).

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