WWII Bunker Buster

It’s February 1945 and the Americans are poised for an imminent attack on the Japanese-controlled island of Iwo Jima. The island is of great tactical importance, as it boasts two airfields and a communications base. Securing control of this is vital. The Japanese stronghold on the island is controlled out of five key bunkers. In order for this mission to be successful, you and your elite taskforce must take the bunkers by surprise and by force to ultimately cripple the Japanese forces. The series of air and marine bombings have so far been unsuccessful and you are left with one last option. You must take to foot to eliminate the enemy, and with the number of casualties rising fast, you must ensure a successful mission!

This Game Zone is available at:
Banbury, Milton Keyes Paintball Centre
Leicester Paintball Centre
North Bristol Paintball Centre
Westerham, Kent Paintball Centre

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