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Temple Run

Model Artefact Inside Temple Run Game Zone

An abandoned Myan temple hidden deep in the jungle is home to a long-forgotten tribe who are extremely protective of their culture and highly valuable goods. Sadly, a team of greedy archaeologists have discovered the temple and are determined to gain possession of their priceless artefacts and make a fortune for themselves, destroying their culture and way of life in the process.

They have their sights set on 4 key artefacts which they want to take possession of and sell them off to the highest bidder. You must band together with your tribesmen and women to defend your sacred temple from the selfish archeologists who pose a threat to your existence. The archaeologists are determined to help only themselves and are heavily armed with the intention to succeed, no matter the price. However, your tribesmen know the area best and must defend all entrances to the Temple at all costs.

Top tip: with multiple entrances to the temple, the defending team will need to set up multiple teams on on high alert to fend off the attacking team as they make their approach.

This Game Zone is available at:
Liverpool Paintball Centre

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