Sheriff’s Castle

Delta Force Paintball Players Storm Sheriffs Castle Sherrifs Castle Background:

It is 1382AD and the Sheriff has captured the notorious outlaw, Robin Hood. He is held in the dungeon of the Sheriff’s castle. His band of outlaws must stage a daring rescue mission to storm the castle and release their leader. Standing in their way are the Sheriff’s handpicked guards and the formidable defences of the castle. The Outlaws will need to be organised and strike rapidly if they are to take the guards by surprise. The guards will need to hold the outlaws off until reinforcements can arrive.

Mission objectives:

The Outlaws start the game from a base within the forest to the south of the castle. The Guards start within the castle walls. The Outlaws have to make their way up to the front of the castle where they will have to retrieve the flag from the starting point, just in front of the main castle entrance. Once the flag has been captured it must be taken to the flagpole, clipped on and raised in order for the Outlaws to win the game.

The Guards must simply stop the outlaws raising the flag. The Guards cannot touch the flag at any time during the game.

Those in the Outlaw team have unlimited lives and are able to re-spawn back at the Outlaw start point once they have been shot. The re-spawn point is marked with a bright yellow barrel.

By touching the barrel the outlaw team player is able to re-join the assault on the castle.

The Guards only have one life; once eliminated they must make their way off the zone and assemble in the designated dead zone.

The game zone boundaries are clearly marked with netting and yellow rope. Any player leaving the playing area is considered to be eliminated and must make their way to the designated dead zone. The dead zone is marked in red and will be indicated to all players at the beginning of the game.

The game will last for 20 minutes with a brief break out on the field before the second round starts. Please ensure you take enough ammunition with you to last for two games as you will not return to the safe area in between the two games.

Once the games have been played with both teams taking turns at being Outlaws and Guards, we will return to the safe zone for a longer break prior to playing the next game zone.

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