Operation Desert Storm

Modelled on a British Forces elite training facility, Operation Desert Storm recreates the most realistic modern-day Middle Eastern warzone. A convoy of six armour-plated vehicles carrying the President has suddenly been ambushed midway between the hotel and the heavily guarded embassy. Your task is to escort the President to the embassy with the help of your elite squad. However, the local rebels have another idea - they have their eyes on the President, and they know the streets like the back of their hands.

With shots raining down on you and your comrades, you must battle your way through the narrow streets and avoid the sniper vantage points in order to deliver the President to safety.

Top tip: There are lots of places to hide in the shops lining the streets. Make use of Riot shields to provide essential cover as you escort the President to the evacuation point.

This Game Zone is available at:
Coventry Paintball Centre
Sheffield Paintball Centre

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