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If cricketers dressed for cricket on the paintball field

The last time the Indian cricket team came to Delta Force Paintball they were celebrating their win of the ICC Champions Trophy. With the cricket World Cup just around the corner I think it would be a great idea for the Indian team to return to Delta Force Paintball to practice their cricket skills.

Imagine what would happen if they decided to wear their cricket kit instead of our five-star award winning safety equipment...

icc cricket players at delta force paintball

Try to catch me out

With the rain of paintballs hurtling towards one of the bowlers he would leap up in his blue cricket kit. The world would appear to go in slow motion as his hand reaches out to catch the paintballs. He then would crash back down onto solid ground with a rather fetching paint splodged kit. Oh dear. Probably better to just stick to face paint instead?

pakistan cricket paintball face paint

Now you’re stumped

The Indian cricket team needs to watch out for potential cunning tactics employed by their paintball rivals. Imagine if the opposing team were to set up a long barrier of stumps and wickets in the Indian teams path. The Indian team would be powerless to resist shooting at the wickets as the opposing team close in from behind. This tactic has been used before to distract deep sea divers... no really!

extreme cricket delta force paintball

This one’s a little batty

Hitting paintballs back at their opponents with their bats might be enough to win the game without firing a shot. Unfortunately the opposing team could create a makeshift shelter with their bats and stay in there until the other team tires. Neither of them thought this through very well did they...

paintball cricket shelter

What happens next?

With this in mind I can’t help but wonder what might happen if one of Delta Force Paintball’s other sporting guests turned up in their natural kit. Imagine what would happen if Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton turned up in an F1 car!

Formula 1 driver at delta force paintball

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