Upminster Paintball Centre trials new pizza lunch for Delta Force

For all of those avid paintball players out there, Delta Force Paintball East London is set to trial a new and exciting pizza lunch so that you can now refuel and continue paintballing at the highest standard.

From 28th July the Upminster Paintball Centre will replace the traditional BBQ lunch for a 9 inch Margherita or Pepperoni pizza. If the pizza lunch proves to be a success with all of our hungry paintballers in the Upminster area then all Delta Force National Paintball Centres will adopt the tasty pizza lunch.

For only £4.99, each player will have a choice of a whole Margherita or Pepperoni pizza. As with the BBQ lunch, the pizza lunch can be pre-purchased at the time of booking, or can be ordered on the game day any time before 11:00am.

So if you live in the Essex region then why not be one of the first to trial our new pizza lunch, it’s the latest Delta Force initiative planned to make your day of paintball the complete paintballing experience.