Neck protectors trialled at a centre near you!

At Delta Force Paintball we care about your safety – we want you to leave our paintball centres in the same condition as when you entered, only much happier! We are the only paintball operator to provide goggles with full head protection, body armour and combat suits with padded collars at all of our centres throughout the UK, thus ensuring your safety throughout a day of paintball action.

Now we are making your day of paintball even more comfortable by trialling neck protectors specifically designed for Delta Force Paintball at various sites throughout the UK. These neck protectors are currently in the trial phase of development and are designed to offer full neck protection to all players young and old. When combined with our full head protection goggles and combat suits with padded collars, these neck protectors offer complete head and neck protection from potentially dangerous headshots. Now you can enjoy your day of paintball action with Delta Force Paintball with more comfort and protection than ever before.

Keep a look out - these specifically designed neck protectors are coming to a Delta Force Paintball centre near you!