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Game zone in focus: London Apocalypse

It’s June, 2025. A series of dirty bombs have reduced London to ruins. With flames still burning and London all but destroyed, the Prime Minister emerges from his secret underground bunker in Whitehall surrounded by his elite team of security personnel.

Your mission as Bodyguards is to evacuate the Prime Minister to the safety of RAF Cosford. The fate of the nation - and that of the free world - rests on your shoulders. Will you be able to escort him to safety or will the Prime Minister go down with the capital?

Insurgent Assassins have brought the iconic city to its knees - but their mission is not yet complete. As they hide in the shadows of the post-apocalyptic ruins, will the Assassins kill the Prime Minister and further destabilise the country?

London Apocalypse

London Apocalypse

Now firmly entrenched as one of Delta Force Paintball’s most popular game zones, London Apocalypse has seen an array of changes since its origination in the mid 1990s. Initially known as ‘Terrorist Attack’, the game historically revolved around two double-decker London buses and limited natural and manmade cover.

Several special features have since been added, including iconic red phone boxes, black London taxis, underground station signs and other assorted London memorabilia. The zone now sits as arguably Delta Force Paintball’s most spectacular scenario, and goes down particularly well with our foreign visitors! We even have a Scottish equivalent – Glasgow Apocalypse – north of the border.

London Apocalypse Game Zone

The London Apocalypse game zone can adapt to several different game rules, including ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Headquarters’ and ‘Capture the flag’, however ‘Protect the President’ is the most commonly used rule. One player (normally the birthday boy/girl or stag/hen) is assigned the role of the American President. His/her team must then protect the President from the attacking Assassins by hunkering down in the authentic London buses and using the red phone boxes as cover as they escape the city. One shot and the President is killed. It’s a tactical battle in England’s capital!

London Apocalypse Combat Suit

London Apocalypse can be found at 14 of our UK paintball centres, as well as our brand new Paintball Stockholm centre! To see it for yourself simply call us on 0844 477 5115 Alternatively you can visit our booking page to request a callback.

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