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Hemel Hempstead paintball centre goes Hollywood with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf!

Delta Force Paintball Hemel Hempstead received a heavy dose of Hollywood last Friday with director David Ayer filming his latest blockbuster film “Fury”, a story that follows a Sherman tank unit behind enemy German lines in the latter days of WWII, featuring A-list actors Brad Pitt, Scott Eastwood, Shia LaBeouf and the up-and coming actor Logan Lerman.

The wide open Hertfordshire plains surrounding the iconic paintball game zones were seen as the ideal environment to film epic action scenes involving multiple tanks, controlled explosions and plenty of smoke in what was evidently an intense battle sequence. It was only fitting that our players took advantage of this realistic wartime atmosphere to create their own dramatic action scenarios out in the Delta Force Paintball battle arenas!

fury filming at delta force paintball hemel hempstead

Inevitably, players also took regular time out between matches to try and spot their on-screen heroes on set or amongst the many trailers around the paintball centre, admiring this unexpected treat from the base camp. Unfortunately Brad and his fellow co-stars weren’t available for autographs but we’re sure with the promise of exhilarating paintball just metres from their film set, it won’t be long until they spend some downtime to get involved in some paintball action!

Future visitors to Delta Force Paintball centres won’t miss out on any of the genuine battlefield atmospheres. We will soon be installing sound effects in selected game zones at all UK paintball centres, creating a ‘wartime’ surround sound system that is sure to inspire players as well strike fear into others! Heavy gunfire, the whistle of artillery, nerve-shredding explosions; it will be another fantastic element that goes towards creating the ultimate paintball experience.

fury filming at delta force

So the next time you’re craving a day of unforgettable paintball, call us on 0844 477 5115 and book a fun day out at a Delta Force Paintball centre near you and you never know; the next box office smash hit may be being filmed during your visit!

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