Delta Force game zone in focus: Tomb Raider

Your unit has been assigned a top-secret mission; to trek deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle and locate an ancient pyramid, hidden from human eyes for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is said that a sacred amulet lies deep within the catacombs of the pyramid, an amulet imbued with remarkable powers that in the wrong hands could cause unimaginable destruction. Evil forces are converging on the pyramid and will stop at nothing to steal the amulet for themselves. It’s up to you and your unit to extract the amulet from inside the pyramid and bring it to safety before it’s too late.

Two sphinx statues in front of pyramid

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Tomb Raider is often considered as the foremost Delta Force signature game zone as it was one of the first ever game zones unique to Delta Force centres. Tomb Raider is one game zone that is frequently described as awe-inspiring; a vast stone pyramid sits in the centre of the field surrounded by enormous Easter Island statues and the crumbling remains of an ancient civilisation.

Although ‘Team Deathmatch’ is a popular game on Tomb Raider, a variation of ‘Capture the Flag’ is more commonly played. Both teams start at opposite ends of the field equal distances from the pyramid in the centre. Both teams have to take the amulet from inside the pyramid and escort it to their base in order to win the game. If neither team manages to bring the amulet back to their base within ten minutes then the game is a draw.

Tom Raider game zone

Time and time again our customers tell us that our game zones look just like something out of a Hollywood movie set. At Delta Force we pride ourselves on offering our customers something that our competitors don’t; a wide variety of unique, high quality themed paintball game zones. Every year our construction team designs, builds and adds brand new game zones to Delta Force’s already impressive portfolio. If you fancy giving us your feedback about your favourite paintball games or even want to suggest ideas and themes for future game zones then join our facebook page – we always love hearing back from our customers.