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Delta Force game zone in focus: Vietcong Village

As you lead your unit down the Ho Chi Minh trail you come across a seemingly abandoned village. All is not as it seems – the villagers have fled their home and the village is now teeming with hostile Vietcong. Air cover this far behind enemy lines is not available and a minefield encircles the village, which means you have no choice but to go straight through. Your mission is to seize control of the village, building by building.




When Vietcong Village was first introduced to Delta Force's game zone portfolio back in the early nineties, it quickly became a customer favourite. There’s now a Vietcong Village game zone at almost every Delta Force Paintball centre in the UK and each one has it’s own unique traits such as the rice carts and water troughs that litter the Vietcong Village at Delta Force Paintball in Lichfield or the enormous Vietcong Village field at Delta Force Paintball In Southampton that features ten village huts and a chapel.

A variation of the ‘Headquarters’ game rules is usually played on all Vietcong Village fields although some centres like to play the ‘Team Deathmatch’ game rules. Both teams start at opposite ends of the field, equal distances from their objectives, which in this case are the village huts. For every hut that the team captures and holds till the end of the game, four points are scored and bonus points are awarded if their team manages to capture every hut or eliminate every member of the opposing team. The game finishes when the ten minutes are up, then the teams switch starting points before the next round begins.




Vietcong Village is a popular staple of the Delta Force Paintball experience. One of the reasons why it’s such a popular game zone is that it requires some serious teamwork to achieve victory. Paintball has always been a very team oriented sport, which is why it is such a great activity for corporate events, stag & hen groups and birthday parties.

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