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Paintball UK game zone in focus: Siege of Stalingrad

After months of heavy bombing from both sides, the once great city of Stalingrad has been reduced to ruins in a bloody war of attrition. Soviet forces have occupied the ruined buildings and abandoned vehicles that litter the city in a bid to fight for control of the city against the relentless enemy assault. Your mission is to fight your way through the city remains and reclaim control of the battlefield in a final push against the opposition. Your orders are to stop at nothing – the course of the war, and thus the fate of the world, rests on your shoulders.



Siege of Stalingrad is a relatively new game zone as it has only been a part of Delta Force’s portfolio of game zones since Delta Force Paintball in Maidenhead opened back in 2009. Although Siege of Stalingrad is featured at a selection of Delta Force Paintball centres for the time being, our construction team plan to bring it to several more centres this year due to it’s huge popularity among our customers.

Variations of the ‘Headquarters’ game rules are usually played on Siege of Stalingrad. Both teams start at opposite ends of the field, equal distances from their objectives, which in this case are the four Soviet missile trucks (which were last seen in the James Bond film 'Tomorrow Never Dies'!) that are interspersed throughout the game zone. For every truck that the team captures and holds till the end of the game, four points are scored and bonus points are awarded if their team captures all four trucks. The game finishes when the ten minutes are up, then the teams switch starting points before the next round begins.




Siege of Stalingrad is one of the pioneering ‘new-gen’ game zones unique to Delta Force Paintball centres. The dedicated Delta Force construction team, which has now doubled in size to keep up with the burgeoning workload, are going to be fully booked this year building brand new game zones at Delta Force centres across the country. Every year, Delta Force invests more money back into our facilities than any other paintball provider to bring our customers the best paintball experience money can buy at the most affordable prices.

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