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Delta Force Game Zones In Focus: Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack

Far from civilisation, somewhere in the dark depths of the rainforest, lies the guerrilla base. In order to find this remote location and survive, you and your team cannot afford to make a mistake as the enemy knows every nearby trail and every hiding place. Your mission is to locate and rescue a downed Allied airman who hangs by his parachute from a tree somewhere in the jungle. Get to him and get him out of there before they do...


Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack is unique take on one of the original and best ways to play paintball – Woodsball. A debate has been raging between hardcore paintballers for years now about which the better way to play paintball; Woodsball or Speedball. Now we’re not one to take sides on such matters, as we believe that there is no one true way to play paintball and everyone has their preference.

Although ‘Team Deathmatch’ is commonly played on Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack, a variation of the ‘Extract the VIP’ game rules are normally used. The attacking team’s objective is to retrieve the dummy from the centre of the game zone and escorted back to their base. The defending team have to prevent the dummy from reaching the attacking team’s base by any means necessary. Both teams start at opposite ends of the game zone and each round lasts 10 minutes.


Although our Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack game zones don’t feature any two-storey castles, giant stone pyramids or decommissioned military vehicles, they remain a popular staple of the Delta Force Paintball experience. Paintball began in the woods and it will continue to be played out in the woods for a long time to come. If you have any suggestions or ideas for game zones that you would like to see at Delta Force centres in future or you would just like to give your feedback on your experience at Delta Force then drop us a message at the Delta Force Paintball facebook page, we always love to hear back from our customers.

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