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Paintball UK game zone in focus: D-Day Landing

June 6th, 1944 – ‘D-Day’.
The course of the war and the liberation of Western Europe rests on the success of Operation Overlord. The airborne invasion of the French coast began just after midnight and now thousands of amphibious landing craft filled with English and American troops are heading across the English Channel towards the beaches of Normandy. You and your fellow soldiers must fight your way up the beach, making the most of the minimal cover scattered along the shoreline, and take out the German defenses at all costs.


D-Day Landing is just one of many incredible, movie-set quality game zones that Delta Force Paintball centres across the UK have to offer. Like the Siege of Stalingrad and Vietcong Village game zones, D-Day Landing was designed to be a simulation of a historical events, in this case the Normandy beach landings of June 6th 1944 that turned the tide of the Second World War. Although it’s impossible to imitate the scale, terror and tragic loss of human life that happened during the Normandy beach landings so out of respect our construction team make it their objective to build the amphibious landing craft, tank traps and machine gun nests that make up our D-Day Landing game zones to the best of their abilities and with the materials they had available.

A variation of the ‘Attack & Defend’ game rules are usually played on our D-Day Landing game zones but in this case the game is sometimes referred to as ‘Bunker Buster’. One team starts off inside the machine gun nests at the top of the beach and has to defend it throughout the entire game while the attacking teams starts off at the other end of the game zone. The attacking team’s objective is to escort the bomb (which in this case is something that resembles dynamite) into the machine gun nests occupied by the other team. The defending team usually can’t leave their positions for the whole game while the attacking team is allowed unlimited respawns for the first five minutes.


D-Day Landing is just one of dozens of movie-set quality, themed paintball game zones unique to Delta Force Paintball. Our game zones are regularly updated with all kinds of new and innovative features and new game zones are constantly being added to are already impressive portfolio of paintball game scenarios – one of the many ways in which Delta Force Paintball stays ahead of the curve in the commercial paintball industry.

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