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Delta Force Game Zones In Focus: Convoy Attack

A heavily guarded enemy munitions supply convoy lumbers its way through the Ardennes forest towards the front line. After weeks of brutal open warfare, munitions supplies on both sides are dwindling – as is the number of soldiers in your unit. Your mission is to storm the convoy, capture the trucks in an ambush and stop these munitions from reaching the front lines at all costs.


Convoy Attack is one Delta Force signature game zone that has taken many forms since Delta Force first began in the late eighties. Back then, the convoys in our Convoy Attack game zones consisted of old transit vans (which still proved to be very popular among our customers) but have since been upgraded to all kinds of decommissioned military vehicles including Soviet missile trucks, armoured personnel carriers, jeeps and many more. Before arriving at Delta Force Paintball centres across the country, some of the Soviet missile trucks were last seen in the James Bond movie, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

Although both ‘Protect the President’ and ‘Attack & Defend’ are popular games on Convoy Attack, a variation of the ‘Headquarters’ game rules are more commonly played. Both teams start at opposite ends of the field, equal distances from their objectives, which in this case are the missile trucks that run through the game zone. For every truck that the team captures and holds till the end of the game, four points are scored and bonus points are awarded if their team manages to capture every truck or eliminate every member of the opposing team. The game finishes when the ten minutes are up, then the teams switch starting points before the next round begins.


Convoy Attack is an old favourite of the Delta Force experience that just continues to get better and better. Thanks to the dedicated Delta Force construction team, our game zones are continuously updated with all kinds of new improvements and innovations so stay tuned to our blog to find out what’s new at your local Delta Force Paintball centre.

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