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Delta Force game zones in focus: The Black Pearl

The most wanted man in the seven seas, Jack Sparrow, and his nefarious band of pirates have arrived into port aboard the legendary Black Pearl seeking plunder and pleasure. This may be the last chance you and your men have got to bring the wanted pirate to justice and there’s only one way to stop The Black Pearl from leaving port – by blowing a hole in the ship’s hull using dynamite. You must act fast and stop at nothing.


The Black Pearl is another relatively new Delta Force game zone that was first introduced to Delta Force’s already impressive game zone portfolio alongside Zombies’ Crypt and Siege of Stalingrad when Delta Force Paintball in Maidenhead first opened in August 2009. The Black Pearl is undoubtedly one of Delta Force’s most impressive game zones; at the centre of the field stands a magnificent, 70ft long galleon complete with portholes, a mast, captains quarters and a variety of nautical themed equipment. At the moment there are only a couple of these incredible game zones in the UK but the Delta Force construction team plan to bring The Black Pearl further afield.

A variation of the ‘Attack & Defend’ game rules are usually played on The Black Pearl but in this case the game is sometimes referred to as ‘Bunker Buster’. One team starts off inside The Black Pearl and has to defend it throughout the entire game while the attacking teams starts off at the other end of the game zone. The attacking team’s objective is to escort the bomb (which in this case is something that resembles dynamite) into the hull of the ship occupied by the other team. The defending team can’t leave The Black Pearl for the whole game while the attacking team is allowed unlimited respawns for the first five minutes.


One of the many reasons why Delta Force Paintball has always been at the forefront of paintball game zone design is down to our dedicated construction team. The Delta Force construction team consists twelve full time employees, each one with expert knowledge in building, carpentry and other specialist construction skills. At Delta Force, we pride ourselves on providing the best game zones money can buy for our customers but we are always looking to improve our facilities and bring our customers exactly what they want. If you have any suggestions or ideas for game zones that you would like to see at Delta Force centres in future or you would just like to give your feedback about your experience at Delta Force then drop us a message at the Delta Force Paintball facebook page, we always love to hear back from our customers.

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