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UK Paintballing game zone in focus: Black Hawk Down

As you and your unit move quietly through the woodland, deep into hostile territory, you hear an explosion overhead – an allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed just up ahead. Your mission is to move quickly towards the downed helicopter, rescue the injured pilot and bring him to safety before the enemy forces get to him first.


Black Hawk Down is a relatively new addition to the Delta Force portfolio but since it’s introduction it has quickly become a cult favourite amongst our customers. Usable cover throughout the Black Hawk Down game zone is usually quite sparse which means that to win the game, teamwork and victory dashes to the Black Hawk helicopter in the centre of the field are crucial.

Most Delta Force centres play a variation of the ‘Extract the General’ game rules on the Black Hawk Down game zone. The ‘general’ is inside the Black Hawk helicopter, which is based in the centre of the field. One team has to defend the helicopter and prevent the attacking from reaching the helicopter, extracting the general and bringing him to the rescue point.


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